Safety Statements

Safety Statements, its where it all begins.

The fact that you are on this page suggests that you already know you need a Safety Statement. Therefore we won’t repeat everything about the Law that you’ve probably been told by other people or read on other websites. When it comes down to basics, a Safety Statement is a document that will set out your company policies on issues that affect you and your employees’ health and safety while on the job. It will contain instructions on what to do in the event of an accident, an incident, or other undesired events. It will list the controls that employees should be undertaking when they encounter the various hazards present in the workplace or work activity. It will also provide your employees with information on topics such as bullying, harassment or general workplace health and well being.

The most important thing about a Safety Statement is that it should reflect your actual work activities and work place. It is perfectly acceptable to use Templates if you feel they reflect your activities fairly or to use the HSA provided online tool BeSmart. However there are some businesses that need help to compile the Safety Statement. That’s where we come in.

We can provide a customised service for your business to provide you with the Safety Statement that is right for you. We can start off with Safety Statement Templates if your business is suitable for that, if not then we can look at fully customised solutions. We can also assist people want to use the HSA BeSmart tool.

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