PSCS Risk Assessment

The Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage (PSCS) is a key health and safety requirement of the 2013 Construction Regulations. Here at Madden HSM we regularly act in this role for clients. The provision of the PSCS service is different for every single project we are engaged on as every Construction Project is unique in itself. The process for the PSCS actually begins at the design stage when your Client will appoint a Project Supervisor for the Design Process (PSDP).

During the design stage, the PSDP will be preparing a Preliminary Health and Safety File that will anticipate many of the hazards that will be encountered during the project. Some of these hazards will be specified under regulation and some will be unique to the design of the project and local conditions such as Ground, Access, Weather, Neighboring activities, etc. Once the Project is ready for tender your Client will be given the Preliminary H&S Plan. This plan forms the basis of the work that the PSCS will need to follow up on and monitor during the actual construction stage itself.

We will be delighted to speak to you about your PSCS needs but in all cases we would need a copy of the Preliminary H&S Plan from the PSDP in order to provide an actual quote for the work.

Infection Control Course

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